What Does Jaguar InControl® Do in Chandler, AZ?

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Jaguar F-TYPE interior
When you take advantage of Jaguar InControl® technology, you can easily stay connected on the streets of Phoenix. Available across the new Jaguar lineup, InControl® offers infotainment features, Wi-Fi connectivity, remote access to your vehicle, protection, and more. Learn about its features before exploring them in person at Jaguar Chandler!

In-Car Connection: Jaguar InControl® Touch™ vs. Touch Pro™

With two touchscreen versions available, InControl® has an option for every Gilbert techie. Both InControl® systems offer access to vehicle operations, entertainment features, available in-car Wi-Fi, and InControl® Apps with. Here’s how the two types differ:

  • InControl® Touch™: 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display
    • Navigation with available 3D maps
    • Hands-free calling with phone integration
    • Head-Up Display
    • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio
    • Drivers Assistance Features
  • InControl® Touch Pro™: 10-inch touchscreen infotainment display
    • Customizable Home Screen
    • Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility
    • Navigation with 3D maps, learning capabilities, phone integration, and sharing abilities.
    • Premium Meridian™ Audio Sound Systems
    • Voice Control and Intuitive Interaction
    • Interactive Instrument Display
    • Rear Seat Entertainment
    • Head-Up Display
    • SiriusXM® Satellite Radio

If you choose a Touch Pro™ Duo display, you can see access more vehicle controls at once–use both the Touch Pro™ 10-inch display at the top of the center dash and a 5-inch touchscreen display lower down on the console for effortless operation of essential controls.

Jaguar Connect in Chandler, AZ

Jaguar Connect part of the InControl® Touch package and includes three services:

With Remote Premium, you can interact with your Jaguar from anywhere in the world. Looking for even more advanced features? If your vehicle has Jaguar InControl® Touch Pro™, you’ll have the option to add Jaguar Connect Pro! It includes all of the features listed above, along with the following Jaguar Pro Services:

  • Real-Time Traffic Flow
  • Door-to-Door Routing
  • Cloud Sync
  • Online Search
  • Satellite View
  • Street Level Imagery
  • Online Routing
  • Share ETA
  • Parking Service
  • Fuel Price Service

Jaguar InControl® Remote: Essentials vs. Premium

No modern vehicle’s infotainment suite would be complete without a way to connect to and control your vehicle with a compatible smartphone. Although the InControl® Apps™ allow you to access smartphone-based apps through your in-vehicle touch screen, you can install and activate InControl® Remote in order to enjoy even more on-the-go convenience.

The Remote Essentials are standard on most vehicles. Just install the app to start making use of the following amenities:

  • Vehicle Status Information – Check your windows and locks and find your vehicle’s location on your phone.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Alerts – Monitor fluid levels and receive notifications when it’s time to schedule service.
  • Journey History – View route and mileage statistics at a glance. You can even export the information to Excel!

Perhaps you’ve heard stories of the Jaguar app’s remote start capabilities! Well, the stories are true: If you upgrade with Remote Premium (included with the Jaguar Connect package), you’ll enjoy all of the aforementioned features, and much more:

  • Remote Climate Control – Simply set your preferred temperature, use the Jaguar app to remotely start your vehicle, and let the system go to work.
  • Remote Beep and Flash Flash your Jaguar vehicle’s headlights to find your place in a crowded parking lot.
  • Remote Lock and Unlock – Lock or unlock your doors instantly, even when you’re out of your key fob’s range.
  • Remote Alarm Reset – Receive a notification whenever your car alarm goes off, and reset it instantly without fishing for your keys.
  • Wake Up Function – In order to save battery, certain features will shut down if the vehicle is out of use for four days or more. You can use this function to reactivate them.

InControl® Remote and Protect™

Protect your luxury vehicle — and yourself — with InControl® Remote and Protect™. With this Jaguar app feature, you can remotely control your car’s doors and heating/cooling as well as find your car in crowded parking lots. Other Jaguar safety features include:

  • Stolen Vehicle Locator
  • SOS Emergency call
  • Road Assistance

See What InControl® Can Do for You at Jaguar Chandler

Want to learn more About Jaguar InControl®? Contact Jaguar Chandler at your convenience or take a closer look at the Jaguar XJ technology features. While you’re here, we can also help you learn more about the Meridian™ audio systems you’ll find in many new models. We always have a wide range of Jaguar lease deals and finance offers available to help you drive home to Tempe in a top-notch vehicle as easily as possible.

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